Visual Identity

The most authentic visual brands are aligned with the company story, strategy, and purpose.

A visual identity engagement is ideal for technology companies that need a cohesive look and feel for all marketing, communications, and product touchpoints.

If you’re faced with:

  • Inconsistent visual look and feel throughout marketing, sales, and brand materials
  • Lack of visual differentiation from competitors
  • Cost of “reinventing the wheel” with each new marketing campaign / project


This project can help:

  • Create a cohesive visual system across all brand touchpoints
  • Align your team around a set of visual standards that will guide all future marketing, communications, and product designs
  • Provide your team the visual tools they need to be able to communicate the story to future customers / clients
  • Differentiate you from competitors

Shared process

Our open source experience extends well beyond our knowledge of software. Openness, collaboration, and partnership are fundamental aspects of every project and client engagement.

We work together closely, operating as an extension of your team, with a proven approach that combines your organizational expertise with our fresh perspective—creating stronger organizations and teams as a result.



A visual identity guide that packages all of the visual system elements. It will guide your internal team and help ensure visual consistency across all brand materials in the future. This guide includes:

  • Visual organizing principle: a 3-5-word statement capturing a key, story-driven idea that will guide the creation of the visual identity. The principle is an internal concept, and aligns all visual choices going forward.
  • Visual mark: the symbol expressing the visual organizing principle
  • Visual system: key identity elements including color palette, typefaces, patterns, imagery, iconography


Average timeline

2 – 4 months


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Why New Kind?

The rebranding brought new life to the company and the project. Even our highly technical stakeholders found the process engaging, enjoyable, and approachable. We consider New Kind an extension of our team. They really “get it” when it comes to working collaboratively and the open source way.

Jessica Hustace

Senior Director of Marketing, OpenNMS