We help technology companies grow

From an enterprise leader's pivot in strategy to a disruptor's 'hello world' moment — New Kind combines industry expertise and an open source-inspired approach to building brands that align, inspire, compete, and scale.

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Why New Kind?

The New Kind team has the kind of strategic capability and ability to execute on it that is required to help build a leading technology brand.

Peter Guagenti

VP, Marketing

Our Approach

A collaborative mix of open source and design

When you fully engage people in building brand and culture, you create more powerful organizations. All by unlocking the energy of those who care about it most. Open and inclusive. Inside and out.

The result is a dynamic, community-centric process that empowers people, builds stronger internal and external relationships, and creates lasting brand equity.

Our Purpose

We bring people together to share in the adventure of creating the future.

Our Experience

For nearly a decade, applying open source principles to the worlds of brand and culture.

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