Brand Story + Messaging Architecture

A story and messaging project is ideal for technology companies that need a clear narrative to express their purpose and why they exist.

A consistent story and set of supporting messages will help guide all strategic business, brand, and marketing and communications decisions.

If you’re faced with:

  • Lack of alignment and consistency around marketing messaging
  • Hyper focus on technical and feature-driven product messaging
  • Lack of clarity on market position and differentiators
  • Cost of “reinventing the wheel” with each new marketing campaign / project
  • Cost of not building a strong reputation in the right market


This project can help:

  • Tell the human story behind your technology
  • Clearly articulate your value proposition
  • Align your team around one story and message to help guide all future marketing and communications work
  • Provide your sales team the tools they need to be able to communicate the story to future customers / clients
  • Define your position in your competitive market
  • Differentiate you from competitors

Shared process

Our open source experience extends well beyond our knowledge of software. Openness, collaboration, and partnership are fundamental aspects of every project and client engagement.

We work together closely, operating as an extension of your team, with a proven approach that combines your organizational expertise with our fresh perspective—creating stronger organizations and teams as a result.



A brand story and messaging guide that will become the foundational document that captures the core story and messaging.  It will guide your internal team as they create all future marketing and communications content. Elements within this guide would include:

  • Positioning framework: competitive frame of reference, competitors, differentiators
  • Story narrative: context for why the organization exists and the problem it solves; image driven slides
  • High-level brand statement: a 3-to-5-word statement that captures the most important thing audiences must know about the company
  • Brand pillars: the core, foundational themes that the story is built around
  • Story narrative one-pager / logic map: a step-by-step outline of the key narrative points of the story
  • Messaging architecture: a one-page hierarchy of all brand messages
  • 25, 50, 100-word messaging statements


Average timeline

2 – 4 months


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Why New Kind?

New Kind helped us take the numerous stories and interviews across many stakeholders—including the founders, employees, and customers—and distill them into the most impactful brand messaging we'd been waiting for since we started over six years ago. Their ability to blend our B2B and B2C stories into a coherent message was the most striking aspect of our work with them.

Vinay Mahadik

Co-Founder & CEO, Securly