Scale with Soul®

A Perspective on a New Kind of Technology Enterprise



When technology companies are small, focus is simple. Messages are more easily aligned. Brand experiences are consistent. Everyone understands the mission. 

The work is meaningful.

But as companies scale, meaning doesn’t always scale with it. Audiences and offerings expand. Messages diverge. Experiences degrade. Sales cycles slow. Teams become more distributed and disconnected. Values no longer shared. 

That’s when companies lose their soul.

We created this perspective, and the 12 principles that bring it to life, from knowledge working with companies building the infrastructure of the future. SaaS, open source, AI, blockchain. 

We’ve seen them create dynamic engines for growth. They achieve mass adoption not just by having the best solution. They scale because they have stories that engage and cultures that inspire. 

Technology might deliver competitive advantage today. But soul never stops.

We want to give every technology company access to the same code.


We believe developing software alone is not enough.

We must also develop the sources of meaning that inspire customers and drive companies.

To build the infrastructure of the future demands a purpose-led enterprise that will:

Accelerate customer evolution — not just solve technology problems.
Collaborate for mutual benefit — not just compete.
Humanize communication — not just speak.
Guide with systems — not just standards.

To serve, sell, and scale with soul.

No longer following the old playbook,
we become a new kind of technology enterprise.


Principles of Scaling with Soul


Accelerate customers’ evolution — not just solve technology problems

Principle 1

Build Purpose-led Enterprises, Not Just Purpose-built Technology

Companies build technology to solve problems. As companies grow, they have the power to achieve even greater impact.

We believe companies must define and expand their purpose as they expand the company. This focuses our work, inspires our teams to act, and ultimately drives growth.


Principle 2

Signal Maturity, Not Just An Early Edge

Startups often prioritize speed of delivery over brand experience. The visual identity feels DIY. Messages might be edgy, but lack professional polish. Trouble is, B2B decisions are made on confidence. Impressions are formed in an instant. 

We believe companies must signal maturity in their message and identity to have impact. But professional doesn’t mean boring. Maturity doesn’t have to come at the expense of the edginess that inspired the company from the start.


Principle 3

Create Connected Experiences, Not Just Isolated Interactions

Customers, employees, and partners experience your company through many digital and real-world touch points. Consistency and clarity are key. Each moment matters.

We believe teams must work across business silos to deliver usefulness and meaning in every interaction. Bringing company values and vision into reality.


Collaborate for mutual benefit — not just compete

Principle 4

Attack The Problem, Not Just The Competition

Winning in business isn’t just about beating the competition. It’s about solving problems for people. It’s about purpose. The competition may be strong, but you can’t let them define or distract you.

We believe companies need to see their mission as a movement. Attack the problem, not the competition. Fight for a cause. And bring your team, customers, even the competition — on the journey.


Principle 5

Engage By Nerding Out, Not Just Selling

Every industry has its own language and culture. While it’s easy to parrot competitor messages, or follow the well-worn path of generic marketing, the best companies work to know deeply and speak directly to their customers. 

We believe companies must surface valuable sources of meaning, codify them, and share them with the world. And embrace your nerd along the way.


Principle 6

Grow by Opening Up, Not Just Closing Off

The energy and ingenuity of your people is the ultimate force multiplier. But not unless the doors to collaborate are open.

We believe in engaging people by opening technology and processes wherever possible. Not only among your teams, but together with your customers, partners, and community. Great ideas can come from anywhere if you’re open to them.


Humanize communication — not just speak

Principle 7

Share Simple Stories, Not Just Complex Details 

The market today creates an overwhelming amount of messages for us to decipher. We ask customers to cut through the noise.

We believe the best way to deliver information is the oldest: human stories. This is the format all humans are wired to understand. Stories are memorable, believable, and easily shared.


Principle 8

Highlight People Benefits, Not Just Feature Benefits

People don’t buy technology to buy technology. They buy it to solve a problem. Yet too often tech companies sell on dense details and product specs. All speeds and feeds and no story.

We believe companies must focus on how those features benefit users and buyers. Make messages ultimately about people. Express the human motivations, the pains to overcome, the gains to achieve. How the product helps people do their jobs and even improve their lives.


Principle 9

Make Messages Symbolic, Not Just Similar

A lot of tech marketing looks and sounds similar. Industry-standard may help audiences understand what you sell, but safe messages won’t help you stand out. 

We believe the most powerful messages are the most simple, memorable, and repeatable. Simplify themes and elevate them as symbols. Embody them as badges of honor for your movement.


Guide with systems — not just standards


Principle 10

Empower by Decentralized Command, Not Just Centralized Control

Traditional hierarchies move too slow for the modern world. It isn’t possible to centrally control every element of the customer experience. At the same time, brand and culture thrive through cohesion.

We believe organizations must establish the systems to decentralize action. Put the right systems in place, and the right actions will follow.


Principle 11

Codify Principles, Not Just Policies

Collaborating effectively requires shared mindsets and habits. Policies that restrict can only tell you what not to do. 

We believe turning isolated actions into codified principles creates patterns that anyone can repeat. Shine a light on what’s right. Elevate examples of your team at their best. You’ll build a culture full of people with the ability to adapt to anything.


Principle 12

Design for Change, Not Just Consistency

Technology companies operate in a world of constant change. It’s no longer enough for a brand to achieve consistency, it must balance consistency and change.

We believe in creating brand and culture in a world of dynamic change. Through systems that are foundational where they need to be, fluid wherever possible, and available to everyone.

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