Employer Value Proposition

An employer value proposition helps create powerful company cultures.

A strong employer brand helps you recruit and retain the best people, aligns internal teams around a common purpose, and drives business forward.

If you’re faced with:

  • Difficulty hiring and retaining great employees
  • Internal confusion about your company’s core purpose
  • Lack of clarity around your company’s vision for the future


This project can help:

  • Tell your unique story to inspire current and future employees
  • Define your most authentic company values
  • Align your team around a common purpose
  • Drive employee satisfaction and retention

Shared process

Our open source experience extends well beyond our knowledge of software. Openness, collaboration, and partnership are fundamental aspects of every project and client engagement.

We work together closely, operating as an extension of your team, with a proven approach that combines your organizational expertise with our fresh perspective—creating stronger organizations and teams as a result.



An Employer Value Proposition project will outfit your Human Resources and culture teams with a compelling employer story, with key messages to attract top talent and keep more of your best people happy, productive, and inspired. Specific outputs include:

  • Internal research to gather insights from employees and leadership
  • New Kind-facilitated workshop to review research findings and develop story themes and strategy together
  • Employer Value Proposition story and messaging guidelines
  • Company purpose framework: mission, vision, and values


Average timeline

3-5 months


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Why New Kind?

Only New Kind could have captured the spirit of The Dude and brought it to life so successfully with our refreshed brand story and visual identity. They designed a process to bring out the best ideas from our team, combine them with their own expertise, and create something new and compelling in the process. Next to those of us that work here, no one knows The Dude like New Kind.

Kelley Crawford

Senior Director, Marketing Communications & Strategy, Dude Solutions