Verbal Identity

A verbal identity project defines the written personality of your brand.

Clearly and consistently expressing your brand with an authentic tone of voice will help ensure your story resonates with the key audiences you want your messages to reach.

If you’re faced with:

  • Inconsistency in writing quality across your marketing materials
  • A growing team of content producers, each with their own style
  • Poorly defined or nonexistent writing standards
  • An inability to explain what your brand’s voice should sound like
  • An unclear understanding of who you’re writing to


This project can help:

  • Define a distinct, resonant personality for your written communications
  • Create rules and guidelines to ensure your voice remains consistent
  • Identify the target audiences you want your writing to persuade
  • Align content teams with a shared understanding of your company’s voice
  • Equip your team with concrete writing and editing best practices

Shared process

Our open source experience extends well beyond our knowledge of software. Openness, collaboration, and partnership are fundamental aspects of every project and client engagement.

We work together closely, operating as an extension of your team, with a proven approach that combines your organizational expertise with our fresh perspective—creating stronger organizations and teams as a result.



A brand voice guide that will become the foundational document that defines your voice and how it comes to life in written communication. This document will empower your team with clear, consistent guidelines for all marketing content. Elements within this guide include:

  • Current / future state voice mapping exercise
  • Voice personality attributes with descriptions and implementation best practices
  • Writer’s checklist
  • Editor’s checklist
  • Example content showing new voice in practice


Average timeline

2-3 months


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Why New Kind?

The New Kind team has the kind of strategic capability and ability to execute on it that is required to help build a leading technology brand.

Peter Guagenti

Chief Marketing Officer, NGINX