Names form the foundation for your brand or product’s identity.

A strategically defined name creates alignment across your organization—making a positive first impression with the audiences you want to reach.

If you’re faced with:

  • Creating a commercial product based on your open source project
  • Giving your funded startup a name that tells your story
  • A current name that doesn’t differentiate you from competitors
  • Bringing a newly acquired brand into your organization
  • Misalignment across your product portfolio


This project can help:

  • Reinforce your brand story with a name to match your purpose
  • Guide future naming decisions as products are created or acquisitions are made
  • Alleviate confusion between your organization and the competition

Shared process

Our open source experience extends well beyond our knowledge of software. Openness, collaboration, and partnership are fundamental aspects of every project and client engagement.

We work together closely, operating as an extension of your team, with a proven approach that combines your organizational expertise with our fresh perspective—creating stronger organizations and teams as a result.



By the end of our naming process, you and your team will have a strategically aligned name that represents what you want your core customers to know about your company or product. Specific outputs include:

  • The name itself
  • Visual explorations and prototypes (t-shirt mockups, sample homepage, etc.)
  • Preliminary brand and trademark viability analysis*


Average timeline

2 months

*New Kind suggests clients retain the services of a professional trademark attorney for full legal vetting and counsel regarding the trademark ownership process.

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Why New Kind?

I'm very pleased with the results of our work together. Our collaborative effort has made Sidero look and sound more mature and professional and the messaging has taken our website and pitch decks to the next level.

Spencer Smith

Senior Solutions Architect, Sidero