Branding and Culture Consulting

We help organizations build brand and culture from the inside out

Invite people along on the journey, and they’ll be more likely to embrace the destination.

These are the words we live by. (We even wrote them on the wall.)

Ours is an open, collaborative approach to building brands and creating culture. We help organizations large and small tap into the passion, ideas, and creative potential of their own employees, and the community of customers, partners, and supporters that surround them.

Every story we share. Every identity we design. Every campaign we craft. Everything we create here at New Kind is made better because they aren’t just projects—these are journeys we take on together.

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Storytelling and Strategy

Great brand stories clearly and powerfully communicate what is most true about your organization. We will work with you to discover your story and develop a strategy to position your organization for growth. Creating consistent communications for all audiences.

Identity System

An identity system must be both beautiful and functional. Equal parts art and science. Creating visual consistency across all elements of the brand experience while aligning with the story and strategy. We design brand identity systems—logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and more—to ensure that critical concepts from your story and strategy are visually represented in ways that elevate your brand.

Campaigns and Experiences

Creating meaningful brand touchpoints is critical to engaging with your target audience. Whether launching a new product, crafting a campaign to build brand awareness, or updating your website to better communicate your story. We will work together with you and your team to create a strategy that brings your brand to life.

Why New Kind?

Continuum has faced numerous complex branding challenges, and New Kind has the technology brand knowledge and experience to help us make smart decisions. We believe their work on the company story and brand identity effectively positions us for the next stage in our growth.

Michele Chambers

CMO, Continuum Analytics

What makes brands human?

We believe brands earn trust over time just like people do. Brands can inspire, create change, and empower the people they serve.

At New Kind, these principles guide how we help our clients build brand and culture—helping to uncover the humanity in technology, and reveal the very best in every brand.

Purpose. Discovering your reason for being.

Why does your organization exist? Is your mission widely known and expressed in everything you do?

Empathy. Relating to the experiences of others.

Are your customers the hero in your story? Do you embrace customer challenges as your own?

Personality. Expressing your best, consistently.

Does your visual and verbal identity evoke a consistent personality that’s uniquely yours? Can your audience instantly recognize you?

Authenticity. Staying true to who you are.

Does your internal culture match your external brand? Do you live your values?

Stories. Sharing your journey.

Where did your journey begin and what events shaped you along the way? How do you tell these stories to the world?

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