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Adventure Guide: The Fundamentals of Storytelling for Building Memorable Brands

All humans inherently seek connection and community. We long to feel that we are part of a tribe—a group of individuals brought together by a unified belief in some idea, interest, or endeavor. And nothing connects humans like stories.

But does your organization have an engaging story that your customers want to be part of, or are you just simply telling them the facts?

Each day, we are bombarded with thousands of messages across myriad channels. And in our ever-increasingly digital world, this massive torrent of information will only keep growing and more aggressively competing for the limited real estate in our minds and our lives. Stories help us find patterns and meaning in all this chaos, so that we can remember what’s important. They can be the foundation for brand messages, marketing campaigns, and events—and they can inspire employees to do great work every day. The best brands stand out by telling compelling stories about what they stand for.

So, what’s your organization’s story?

Is your brand’s story and unique value proposition getting lost in a sea of similar, undifferentiated, impersonal communications—or are you standing out and connecting with your customers on a deeper level? Are you showing the world who you are and why you matter? Does the story feel authentic to your organization? Does it inspire, persuade, or excite?

If your brand doesn’t yet have a story or if you don’t know where to start—we’re here to show you how.

This New Kind Adventure Guide was designed to equip you with a set of simple and adaptable strategies to help you craft and tell the unique story of your brand—a story that is memorable, authentic, powerful. Creating a compelling brand story will help you cut through the messy complexity of our information-dense world and make your content relatable, resonant, and persuasive. When it comes to building brands, storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

In this Adventure Guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why great storytelling is invaluable to your business
  • The common elements of a story and where they fit into your organization’s narrative
  • Why your customers should be the heroes in your brand’s story
  • How to channel emotion that connects to what really drives customer conversion behaviors
  • Frameworks and exercises for putting storytelling into practice in your organization

Ready to embark on your storytelling brand adventure? Enter your your information below to access the guide.

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