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Adventure Guide: The 4 Critical Building Blocks of Great Brand Positioning

Think about your organization’s brand. Your company’s reputation. Can you identify your market, differentiators, and purpose? Do you really know what makes your brand stand apart from the rest, or what your customers uniquely value about you?

The answers to these questions form the foundation for great brand positioning. And any structure without a solid foundation is prone to collapse. Your brand is no different, whether you’re building your organization, your company, and even your own personal brand.

Without the backbone of authentic and well-devised positioning, your brand’s campaigns, sales, and marketing efforts run the risk of falling flat and quickly fading from memory. Internally, failing to reinforce your brand’s positioning could spell disaster for employee buy-in and motivation. After all, if you can’t clearly articulate what your brand is striving for to your employees, how can you expect them to in turn feel equipped and excited to market your company externally?

All great brands are built on a foundation of great positioning. It’s a must for creating an authentic brand that stands apart—a feat that is particularly valuable in our current age of information overload.

This New Kind Adventure Guide will give you the tools and know-how to boldly go forth and build your brand—whether you have experience in marketing or not. By thinking about your own brand’s positioning through the lens of recognizable and relatable examples, you’ll see that positioning doesn’t have to be rocket science—and that you likely already have all the tools you need to succeed.

In this Adventure Guide, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of “knowing thyself” and what your customers believe about your brand
  • How to balance your brand’s current state with its future aspirations
  • How to leverage the four key building blocks of great positioning:
    • The Competitive Frame of Reference
    • Points of Difference
    • Points of Parity
    • The Brand Mantra
  • How now-household name brands discovered their niche positioning using these tools
  • Strategies to help you distill your brand’s identity down to its purest, most authentic form

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