Storytelling Workshop (Remote Option)

We are all in the persuasion business.

Every person has the power to communicate your brand in ways not possible before social media. Yet too often we get lost in facts and details.

Stories help bring brands into focus and make them memorable.

This storytelling workshop is designed to help you recognize the elements that make stories powerful so you can frame facts as stories. You’ll grow more comfortable as a storyteller, and leave inspired to better bring your organization’s story to life.

Explore what makes stories so powerful

Why do we often have difficulty remembering basic details about company products and services, yet we recall details from movies we saw many years ago? We'll examine the reasons why stories have such a strong impact on our lives and a lasting impact on our memories. And how organizations can take advantage of the opportunities this powerful medium provides.

Define the common elements of a story

We all have an intuitive sense of what makes stories different from facts. But here we'll not only identify these elements and develop a common language around them, but we'll provide a framework for how to turn facts into powerful stories so they can be shared, remembered, and retold.

Craft your own stories

Now it's your turn. We'll do exercises that help us put storytelling concepts into practice. Then we will divide into smaller groups and craft stories using the storytelling framework, based on questions that are relevant to your organization.

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Explore what makes stories so powerful for tech brands. Define the common elements of a story. Craft your narrative.


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