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Muñoz 20/20

New Kind partner Matthew Muñoz participated in the AIGA tradition of 20/20 at this year’s Make/Think Design Conference in Memphis. The 20/20 program, curated and moderated by AIGA President Debbie Millman, challenged 20 AIGA chapter leaders from around the country to address the theme of making and thinking as it relates to his or her own local chapter and design experience – each in just 60 seconds.Taking the stage on opening night with Mike Joosse, Muñoz worked to emphasize the notion that everyone is a designer – everyone makes and thinks. Consider the design of everyday conversations and relationships. The design of making a sandwich, making goals, making someone laugh. To emphasize their perspective, Muñoz  and Joosse handed out buttons designed as conversation starters. Half of the buttons read “MAKE” and the rest completed a sentence. “Make moves”. “Make every day count”. “Make connections”. “Make badass things”.

Feedback from the presentation was overwhelmingly positive — Muñoz and Joosse made a splash.



Everyone makes. Everyone thinks. Everyone designs. We believe this because we see it in our chapter. We see it in our larger community. We see it here.

There are a hundred thousand ways to make. You can make friends, make a sandwich, make someone laugh. You can make it rain. You can make unattainable goals, and then meet them. You can make happiness. You can make badass things.

You can make simple connections with people, because sometimes — more than any designed artifact — its the conversations, relationships and examples we set that make impressions on those around us.

Through these actions, we’re making thinking, either directly or indirectly, encouraging ourselves or others. In this bag [pause for effect of putting bag down on stage] are 1000 humble reminders. 500 buttons say MAKE and 500 complete a phrase. These buttons are happier when paired together, so we encourage you to connect with us and as many others as possible.

And when you leave here on Sunday, we hope this tiny symbol reminds you of your ability to continue making beautiful thinking.

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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind