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Matthew Muñoz selected to participate in 2009 Design Policy Summit

New Kind Parter and Chief Design Officer, Matthew Muñoz, has been selected as one of 30 participants in this year’s U.S. National Design Policy Summit on December 1 in Washington, DC. At the Summit, Matt will be collaborating with leaders from professional design, design education, and government organizations to develop and set strategic priorities for the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative.The U.S. National Design Policy Initiative represents the governmental plan of action to support design as a means of increasing U.S. economic competitiveness and improving democratic governance. The philosophy that design is imperative in the process of governmental innovation isn’t a new one. President Jimmy Carter wrote in 1978, “Good design can help us meet our commitment to improve the efficiency of government…and reaffirm our concern for the human side of government.” And how do we ensure good design? Design policy. The National Design Policy Initiative seeks to make this happen.

Muñoz and his fellow 2009 Summit participants are tasked with: 1) developing the strategic priorities for the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative; 2) finalizing the membership of an American Design Council; 3) gaining a sense of the priorities for design from the U.S. Department of Commerce; 4) engaging the wider design community in national design policy; and 5) developing a set of case studies that demonstrate the value of design.

Muñoz participated in the 2008 Summit as a researcher and facilitator.

If you’re interested in following along, the Summit will be broadcasted live via You can also keep abreast on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

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