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Just who exactly is Matt Muñoz?

I‘ve been interviewing and hiring designers since about 1980. Whoa. That’s a long time. I’ve hired and worked with great, talented, collaborative designers over all those years. Matt Muñoz is as good as they come. Matt’s thesis work on mapping large, complex problems is highly relevant for the competitive environment we face today. He’s become a leader in the U.S. National Design Policy effort. His student entry won first place in HOW Magazine’s International Student Competition and he was a finalist in AIGA‘s Command X competition at last year’s national convention in Denver. And his work was critical to the success of the Red Hat brand for the last five years.

You can see why I’m delighted he’s my business partner in New Kind.

I’ve had people ask me about samples of our work. It’s a reasonable request. At our core, we are a design studio. Designing brands, websites… the whole nine yards. But we wanted to begin by focusing less on the artifacts that we design. And more on the strategic reasons our clients work with us—connecting design thinking and open sourcing to solve problems and create powerful brands. None of which happens, of course, unless it is made real.

“You can observe a lot by looking,” Yogi Berra once said.

You can look at Matt’s work at

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