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Introducing the New Kind Brand Diagnostic

Today, New Kind launched an exciting new offering: the Brand Diagnostic. A new way to benchmark the current state of your brand and identify key areas for improvement. 

Here’s why we did it.

When it comes to your brand, we know its health can sometimes seem difficult to measure. Traditional, analytics-heavy marketing metrics and KPIs don’t always reflect the true nature of brand reputation.

Like your personal reputation, your external brand shifts with the growth of your company and your customers’ always-evolving perceptions. And while quantitative metrics like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) are helpful measures, they don’t tell the full story. NPS doesn’t give you actionable insights. It just measures how people think, not what you can do to influence that perception.

Your brand is much more complex. It’s your reputation. It’s what rallies your team and captures what you care about. It’s an expression of why you’re in business. It’s a reflection of your purpose—and how you bring it to life through the personality and positioning of your company.

With so many elements to keep track of, it’s no wonder brand is often considered to be somewhat esoteric.

Data-driven organizations need to make data-driven decisions. We thought brand should be just as measurable and actionable as all the other aspects of your operations. There had to be some way to give brand professionals the same data everyone else depends on.

So we built it ourselves.

We’ve worked with tech and data-driven organizations—open source, SaaS, and B2B tech—for over a decade. Helping them amplify their impact with strategic positioning, messaging, and visual systems. Understanding their day-to-day challenges and goals. Helping them tell their best story.

We know what it takes to build successful brands.

We’ve taken that knowledge and pulled it together into a new offering, designed for tech marketing leaders at companies in all stages of evolution: the Brand Diagnostic.


Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with an introductory call to discuss your goals
  2. You share materials that best represent how you articulate your purpose, personality, and positioning
  3. Our team of experts audits those materials, as well as selected brand touchpoints
  4. With our proprietary model, we analyze your brand’s health across 150 unique factors
  5. We synthesize our findings in a digital workshop designed to help you identify your highest value opportunities for growth


The Brand Diagnostic is a perfect starting point for teams looking to be more strategic about their marketing efforts. And it’s a great tool to measure your brand’s progress over time.

Conducting a Brand Diagnostic on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis can help you identify trends in your brand’s evolution—and the impact they have on your bottom line.

Get in touch to discuss how a Brand Diagnostic can help your organization reach its goals.


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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind