Naming a startup that scales, Part 1: Strategic brainstorming

For most entrepreneurs, simply having a big idea—creating a proof of concept, building the product, ensuring there’s a market, securing funding—is work enough.

Then you realize your big idea needs a name.


This essential but often overlooked part of the startup journey can have major implications for your fledgling company’s future success. The right name can make your job a whole lot easier: ensuring your purpose is clear and focused, making you more appealing to potential investors, and protecting you against potential brand and trademark pitfalls down the line.

This is a white paper in two parts. In Part One, we share an overview of the name generation process we undertake when we work with our tech clients on naming projects. Then, in Part Two, we dive into how we evaluate potential names, how we measure a potential name’s strengths from a brand and legal standpoint, how we conduct due diligence to uncover potential conflicts, and finally, how we help clients pick a winner.

In Part One you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your naming brainstorm sessions
  • How to plot your names on the naming spectrum
  • The different types of names your startup could adopt
  • How to explore and uncover multiple names from a single core idea
  • Additional online resources to help you generate tons of great ideas


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