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Naming a startup that scales, Part 2: Picking a winner

In Part One of Naming a Startup That Scales, we gave an overview of the naming process we undertake — how to define your core attributes, how to conduct a fruitful brainstorm session, where to find inspiration, and more.

Here in Part Two, we dive into our process for evaluating and vetting the name candidates we came up with. Because after all, coming away with a name you love is kinda the whole point, right?

In Part Two you’ll learn:

  • How to separate your contenders from the pretenders among your name candidates
  • Steps you can take to ensure your new name is ownable and protectable
  • Who TESS is, and why she can become your name’s worst enemy
  • Why “making it real” is an essential part of picking a name
  • How to navigate a sea of opinions in an open naming process


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