Our Story

The Origins of New Kind

The founders of New Kind played key roles at Red Hat, a pioneer of an open source software movement that revolutionized the technology industry.

Through shared experience leading communications, brand, and community efforts, we played crucial roles in helping the company grow from one office in North Carolina to a global $1 billion industry leader.

Early on, we saw the open source model could be applied to more than developing software.

At Red Hat, applying open source principles to every part of the company sparked engagement and sharing at a massive scale. Through an open, inclusive process, we developed the company values and mission. We solved some of the company’s biggest strategic challenges. And we built a more passionate, enduring brand community along the way.

Building Brands From the Inside Out

Our experience has shown us that when you fully engage people in the experience of creating brand and culture, it results in a more powerful, sustainable organization.

New Kind proverbInvite people along on the journey, and they’ll be more likely to embrace the destination.

We started New Kind so we could apply these same principles to help any organization interested in inventing or reinventing itself.

Pairing the inclusiveness of open source with the intentionality of design spawned a powerful mashup: a community-centric process that empowers people, builds lasting relationships, and solves problems. All at the same time.

We build brand and culture by unlocking the passion and energy of the people who care about the organization most, inside and out.

Our PurposeWe bring people together to share in the adventure of creating the future.

Since 2009 when New Kind began, we’ve shared many adventures, inventing and reinventing brands and cultures with organizations around the world. We have some great stories to tell.

We’ve helped these organizations tap into the passion, ideas, and collaborative potential of their own employees and the community of customers, partners, and supporters that surround them.

We’ve helped startups build brand and culture from the ground up. We’ve helped established organizations stay fit for the future.

We work with organizations in a variety of different fields, including technology, financial services, insurance, education, and the public sector.

We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina, but work around the world.

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New Kind is a branding agency for organizations that are inventing or reinventing themselves

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