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Today New Kind turns 10.

Birthdays and anniversaries make for natural moments of reflection. Taking time to look back on the roads that led us here. Turning to the future to see where we might go.

We’ve experienced first-hand how impact-oriented thinking has reshaped how businesses operate—the pursuit of profits guided by purpose. We’ve watched as open source technology has become not just a way, but rather the only way to create the innovative experiences that will define our time.

We’re a much different company today than when our doors first opened a decade ago. Clients have come, gone, and come back again. We’ve moved offices as needs changed and teams grew. We’ve watched beloved New Kinders strike out on their own — charting a course to their own new adventures. Ten years is a long time. Change happens. We embrace it. We’re grateful for everyone who’s shared this journey with us.

In many ways, though, much about New Kind hasn’t changed. The first principles that guided us on day one continue to guide us:

To believe in what we put into the world. To invite others to join the adventure of creating the future. To serve as catalysts for community. To build more thriving organizations on a foundation of open innovation.

And we’re just getting started.

As we cast our eyes to future horizons, we remain energized by the possibilities that emerge at the intersection of technology, purpose, and openness. For SaaS leaders. For open source innovators. For community organizations close to home and around the world.

We’ve been thinking a lot about what the next ten years will look like. How will what we do evolve and improve? Who will we reach that we haven’t yet? Can we find new ways to elevate the impact we make in the world?

We don’t have all the answers yet. But as always, we’re here to share the journey.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing lots of new content to celebrate the occasion. Memories and mementos. Victories earned and lessons learned. Asking questions. Sparking conversation. As the year unfolds we’ll be shaping what’s next together, out in the open, the only way we know how.

Find us on Instagram. Check out our Insights. Follow along as we discover together what the next ten years have in store for all of us. Thanks for being a part of it.


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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind