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Institute for Emerging Issues | Visual Identity System

The Emerging Issues Forum rallies a community to improve public policy

More than 25 years ago, Governor Jim Hunt initiated the annual Emerging Issues Forum focusing on the topic of innovation. The Institute for Emerging issues is now responsible for holding this Forum every year — and for conducting research and fostering dialogue year-round to build better public policy across the state.

We worked with the Institute for Emerging Issues to create their identity, craft their story, and create a story book.

The IEI brand we helped develop solidified a shared purpose to rally the organization. Community members inside and outside IEI champion the Institute’s commitment to research, education, and public policy excellence.

New Kind also helped IEI build community around its innovation Forum. The online forum we helped create promoted a statewide exchange of ideas, and allowed Forum participants to continue to work together through a Forum alumni network. This network ensures that the conversations begun in Raleigh can continue long after the Forum’s end.

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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind