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Earth Day: Ford Uses Instagram to Tell its Recycling Story

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is a day where we celebrate the planet and efforts to conserve it. A lot of companies take pride in their efforts to be sustainable, but it can be hard to get that message out to the masses. That’s why I’m loving what Ford did today on their Instagram channel. It’s a creative, simple way to share their story of sustainability.

The Story of Sustainability

As one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, Ford Motor Company has dedicated itself to making its manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly. But how can you tell the complicated (and potentially quite dull) story of how Ford recycles aluminum in an interesting way to a social media audience? Enter: Instagram.

Through a series of quick, informative videos, Ford explains the entire process from aluminum scrap to finished F-150.









Wasn’t that cool? It’s like an episode of How It’s Made for Instagram.

The videos were also published in reverse chronological order so you would see them in an order similar to this blog post—perfect for the Instagram experience (for now, anyway).

Ford shows the storytelling potential of Instagram by taking a complicated process and explaining it in an interesting and concise way. So, when you’re thinking of ways to tell your story, you may want to recycle this idea.

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