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Congratulations to Mary Elizabeth Lovelace

When New Kind first moved into 105 Brooks Avenue in 2010, we were a small agency with big dreams and a big (mostly empty) office. Five and a half years later, we still have big dreams. But the space is feeling a bit smaller because New Kind isn’t such a small agency anymore.

Over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to share in the adventure of creating the future with some really amazing clients, and we are taking on bigger, more complex projects than ever. As I look back on the past few years and think about why we’ve been able to scale so well, to enter this next phase of our growth, the answer is really simple.

We are lucky to work with some incredibly talented folks.

mary_elizabeth_lovelace_photo1Today, we wanted to publicly congratulate Mary Elizabeth Lovelace on her promotion to Senior Relationship Manager at New Kind.

Mary Elizabeth started at New Kind a little more than two years ago. Since that time, she has taken on some of our most challenging client relationships and shown great leadership on behalf of both New Kind and our clients.

Mary Elizabeth’s ability to grow into her role and to scale her own contributions along with the business have been critical components in New Kind’s continued success.

So, on behalf of the whole New Kind team, thank you, Mary Elizabeth. We appreciate everything you do and are excited to see how you (and New Kind) grow from here.


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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind