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Hello, World. Meet Anchore.

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At New Kind, we love getting the chance to help bring a new brand to life. That’s why we are so thrilled to see Anchore launch today. Over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the Anchore team to help craft their brand strategy, story, identity, and website in preparation for this day. So we want to congratulate our friends at Anchore on seeing their vision become a reality, while sharing a bit more with you about the company they’ve formed.

Anchore (pronounced ain-CORE) was started by Ansible founder Saïd Ziouani along with Dan Nurmi, Tim Gerla, Brian Weisberg, and Zach Hill. The company intends to deliver trusted stability in the fast, fluid world of containers. 

If you aren’t immersed in the technology world, you might not have heard much about containers yet, but they are one of the hottest growth areas right now. Anchore helps people certify and protect container contents by allowing them to bring together development, production, and security from the beginning.

You can read more about Anchore on their website or read the article published in Fortune this morning.

A First Look at the Anchore Brand

Here are a few images that give you a sense for the Anchore brand. Thanks again to Saïd, Dan, Tim, Brian, and Zach for their faith in New Kind and giving us an opportunity to work with them again.

“We love what New Kind did for us at Ansible and love it even more now with Anchore. The New Kind team has been exceptional. Project planning and delivery was great. The creativity that has gone into building the branding and messaging far surpassed mine and my team’s expectations.”

– Saïd Ziouani, Anchore CEO and Founder

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