Making healthcare marketing meaningful

Healthgrades and New Kind work together to craft a compelling story of the power of CRM to improve patient outcomes


Every hospital’s mission is to provide the best care possible for its patients. But in the world of healthcare marketing—where information often feels overwhelming—it can be challenging for the right messages to reach the right people, at the right time. Keeping hospitals from delivering care to the people who need it most.

In addition to helping patients find the right providers, Healthgrades offers a suite of solutions for healthcare systems that help hospitals and providers create meaningful connections with their patients.

Healthgrades came to us for help developing the go-to-market messaging strategy for Healthgrades CRM (formerly Healthgrades Consumer Intelligence Platform or CIP)—a new product designed to help healthcare marketers reach patients in the right moments.

Industries: Technology

Services: Naming, Research, Storytelling

Strategy Alignment Workshop

A crash course in healthcare marketing


We began our process by reviewing all existing materials created to date—internal presentations, one-pagers, early messaging—to better understand the product strategy. We also reviewed competitor websites to better understand the market landscape. This early research helped surface key themes for what makes Healthgrades CRM stand out—and opportunities to further clarify the product messaging.

Collaboration with the Healthgrades team began with a full-day, in-person workshop at their global headquarters in Denver, Colorado. We created alignment around the goals and desired outcomes for Healthgrades CRM, set the stage for the story we hoped to create, and reviewed the results of our early research and competitive audits.

Hands-on product demos helped us better understand the technology itself. Defining Healthgrades CRM’s target audiences and differentiators laid the foundation for the work ahead: story and messaging development.

Product Story + Go-To-Market Messaging

Creating meaningful connections between patients and providers


For healthcare marketers to reach their audiences, they must cut through the noise and tell resonant, human stories. We knew getting Healthgrades CRM in front of the right people would be no different. Our storytelling strategy followed a “people, then product” approach—putting the needs of our primary target audience, healthcare marketing leaders, first. 

One key insight emerged that would help shape our entire messaging strategy: The work of healthcare marketers doesn’t end at connecting patients with providers. They must also prove the value of their efforts. They need the ability to attribute patient actions to their marketing efforts and campaigns.

We captured the spirit of this twofold need in the Healthgrades CRM big product message: Know your patients, prove your impact. And we found our story at the intersection of healthcare marketers’ focus and pain points, the product’s high-level themes and differentiators, and Healthgrades’ overarching big brand message.

We also created clear messaging around the key value proposition of Healthgrades CRM for healthcare marketers—the ability to Analyze market opportunities, Predict patient needs, Engage with patients and consumers, and Inform decision-making through powerful reporting tools.

We delivered tools and guidelines to make rolling out the new messaging easy for the Healthgrades team—including a story presentation deck, one-page story logic map, and messaging architecture outline.

Proof of Concept Design

Seeing the new story in action


Using Healthgrades’ robust brand guidelines, we created a series of visual mockups—including one-pagers, trade show booth banners, web pages, and digital ads—to show the new Healthgrades CRM story and messaging in action. These mockups served as examples of the new product messaging hierarchy, and demonstrated how the Healthgrades visual system could support the new product messaging.


Finding a unifying naming strategy


When we began this product story and messaging project, the Healthgrades team had already softly launched the product with a small group of customers as Healthgrades Consumer Intelligence Platform. But after working together to create a cohesive story and messaging system, the Healthgrades team turned to us to see if there was an opportunity to further simplify and align the product name with the organization’s overarching naming strategy.

We met for another in-person workshop with the Healthgrades team to clarify their existing product and solution architecture. We brainstormed the attributes and qualities the new product name needed to convey. And we then spent several cycles generating potential name candidates to share with the Healthgrades team. 

Ultimately, the team determined that a simple and descriptive name, Healthgrades CRM, would work best alongside Healthgrades’ other product names—and would best serve the organization as they launched it to the market.


Knowing patient needs before their moments of need

The Healthgrades team used the new product name and messaging to update their website, and created sales collateral based on this strong product story and messaging foundation.

Painting a clear picture about how Healthgrades CRM helps healthcare marketers reach their goals, prove their impact, and connect more patients to the care they need. 

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