Branding a breakthrough GitOps delivery solution

Codefresh and New Kind team up to tell the story of DevOps acceleration


Cutting-edge innovation demands continuous software delivery. It’s how companies frequently roll out new features, make updates without downtime or disruptions, and learn from every release. It’s the only way to compete effectively in a cloud-native world.

Codefresh is a GitOps software delivery platform powered by Argo, the leading open source DevOps automation tool designed for cloud-native apps running on Kubernetes. It helps teams release more often, learn more often, and improve more often. The Codefresh team had an ambitious goal: to position themselves as the default DevOps platform to deploy software.

Industries: B2B Technology, SaaS

Services: Campaigns, Company Messaging, Identity System, Positioning, Sales Enablement, Storytelling

Why New Kind?

New Kind was instrumental in helping us with our positioning, messaging, brand identity, sales enablement, storytelling, and web design. The team knocked it out of the park! New Kind was as buttoned up as possible, incredibly creative with words and visuals, and fun to work with.

Kiersten Gaffney

Chief Marketing Officer

The Opportunity



The Codefresh team already had the largest thought leadership presence around Argo and saw its potential as a foundation for an enterprise-ready GitOps platform—a new entry that could ultimately become the default DevOps solution. Earlier messaging succeeded in creating a perception of a strong continuous integration (CI) solution, but they wanted to tell a better story about their strength in continuous development (CD).

To accomplish this, Codefresh would need to achieve three things: solidify their position as the premier enterprise platform built on Argo, reinforce their community investment in Argo, and establish their presence as a DevOps and CD market leader.

In more general terms, that meant they needed to maintain the authenticity of their existing brand, signal enterprise-ready maturity, and communicate their position as innovators at the forefront of GitOps.

Positioning, Story, and Messaging



Research and stakeholder interviews revealed three key findings: More frequent software delivery is the way for enterprises to compete effectively, streamlining DevOps is how they can achieve that frequency, and Codefresh’s GitOps software delivery platform is seen as uniquely suited to overcoming that notoriously difficult-to-wrangle process.

That led to a simple core positioning message: Conquer DevOps. An emphasis on mastery and control that leads to speed and innovation.

We translated that emotive statement into pillars that communicated stability and maturity without sacrificing excitement:

  1. A modern platform.
  2. Enabling maximum velocity.
  3. At infinite scale.

Our story and other messaging applications expanded on the platform’s agility, enterprise-readiness, and open source roots—crystallizing what’s made possible for Codefresh’s customers. All the while balancing messages that signal both maturity with modernity and a spirit of innovation.

Visual System



Codefresh’s quest for a brand foundation for breakthrough growth extended into their visual system. They needed a visual system that worked alongside existing assets that weren’t changing, including their logo, so they could maintain brand equity while demonstrating a new level of maturity.

Our exploration coalesced around ideas of trustworthiness, empowerment, and the dichotomy of movement with order. 

At the foreground of the system was The Stream, a light current supported by parallel lines that evoke momentum and speed through frequency. DevOps automation brings structure to chaos—lines moving in rhythm convey the structure that enables the speed and momentum created by continuously delivering software.

We implemented an entirely new visual system, including new typefaces and icons. We developed a new color palette to strengthen their primary mint green with a bluer hue, implying security and helping them stand out in their market. It also paired naturally with Argo’s trademark orange, enabling a closer visual bond and its use as a focal point. Supporting grays were replaced with brighter, more vibrant blues and greens.

Sales Enablement



Codefresh didn’t just need a more codified brand, they also needed to align their sales team around the new positioning and messaging. We came together with their sales and tech leadership team for a 2-hour workshop focused on enabling their front-line sellers to bring the new messaging to market. 

We crafted a workshop that discussed the updated brand story and positioning, helped chart the blueprint for a brand-new sales deck, and fostered simple, benefit-focused storytelling supported by real proof points. Once the Codefresh leadership team was aligned on how to position the new messaging in front-line sales conversations, they built on that foundation by adding deeper content and visuals.

Campaign Assets & UX Wireframes



Finally, we helped guide how the new story, message, and visual brand system could be applied across touchpoints. That included campaign-specific assets for the Codefresh team to expand on and leverage across marketing channels, as well as wireframes and recommendations on how to extend the new story on their website.

The campaign-specific assets took three forms designed to jumpstart the Codefresh team’s launch: A “messaging springboard” (a few concise, but effective paragraphs of campaign messaging), a foundational email message to build on, and three Google Display ads.

We also coached the Codefresh team on how to extend the new messaging and visual system into key web touchpoints. Starting with Codefresh’s working wireframes for their Home and Features pages, we produced ideas for how to restructure information architecture and wireframe structure and guidance on how the site could ultimately be visualized.

The Outcomes



Codefresh began testing Conquer DevOps on their homepage and marketing materials even before our engagement was complete.

The sales workshop and blueprint were a catalyst for the team in developing their full sales story deck. The messaging approach has become an easy-to-remember way to motivate key audiences. And the visual identity system has inspired more interactive elements throughout the site and social channels.

Internally, the work helped bring the leadership team into the marketing process, and helped them forge a path for the future together.

The brand foundation has given them an edge in communicating their distinct value as a leader in Continuous Delivery. We’re excited to see where they’ll go next.

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