Branding a blockchain revolution

Algorand and New Kind team up to create a future built on borderless innovation


Blockchain is booming. But blockchain’s got issues. Beloved by developers and innovators for the potential it promises to deliver, impacting industries and individuals worldwide. But it’s still early days, and all this possibility brings with it a healthy dose of justifiable caution—skeptics have already seen one bubble burst. No one wants another.

Algorand is poised to change blockchain for the better, and forever. Built on pioneering research in cryptography, mathematics, and engineering, Algorand technology finally solves “the blockchain trilemma” the world has long wanted, but could never fully realize: security, scalability, and decentralization.

Ahead of a fast-approaching platform launch date, the Algorand team came to New Kind for help developing a scalable brand foundation of messaging and visual identity to position the company for sustainable growth.

Industries: Blockchain

Services: Identity System, Positioning, Storytelling



The Algorand team had an extensive archive of existing background materials to help us hit the ground running. From scholarly articles detailing founder Silvio Micali’s groundbreaking cryptography research at MIT, to more recent market analyses of the cryptocurrency space as it exists today, this foundational research allowed the New Kind team to confidently begin our blockchain brand journey.

New Kind-facilitated workshops became the anchoring moments where strategic alignment emerged. As with any project—but especially one with blockchain’s technical depth and complexity—the workshops created space for us to mine the expertise of those who knew the Algorand story best.

Story and Messaging



Messaging development relied heavily on a highly collaborative process geared for rapid prototyping. With no time to waste, frequent working sessions via videoconference and collaborative content tools like Google Slides allowed us to keep pace with an already aggressive timeline. Client feedback was collected and applied in near-real time, cutting down creative cycles to a matter of days, not weeks.

Algorand’s foundational brand story centered around a single, powerful word:


What the platform (and its underlying tech) promised, we collectively realized, was the ability to push beyond the confines created by traditional fiat currencies. The technology breaks down borders that slow innovation, centralize influence, and isolate individuals. Stripping away what separates us to create a world of possibility for all of us. This was the heartbeat of Algorand’s technical story.

Visual Identity

The cutting edge of borderless


Algorand’s new visual system expresses their borderless story through bold, cutting edge style to match their vision of a limitless future. Soft, horizonless backdrops juxtapose with vibrant windows into other planes, expressing multiple facets of what borderless can mean.

The revised logotype utilizes bold geometry to elevate the visual tone, making it simple and modern. Modifications to the letterforms create cohesion with the dynamic mark of the ‘A’ through weight and angles.

We also created a grid using the angles of Algrorand’s logomark. This grid became a base for other visual elements—unifying the brand and creating a sense of movement and interesting object relationships.

Just as the messaging and identity development process required quick collaboration with the Algorand team, we also worked openly with UX and web design partners brought on to tackle the implementation of the new brand to the website. Such close coordination between experts allowed all participants to play to their strengths while all tracking toward the same goals.

Developer-friendly dark mode


It’s important to know your audience and design to their needs. That’s why Algorand’s visual style includes a ‘Dark Mode’ option designed to make developers feel more at home within the brand.




Together, we adapted supported messaging aligned to the “Borderless” concept for a variety of applications. From short-form headlines for the website, to messaging targeted for a diverse range of specific audiences, to a visionary blog post timed to coincide with the platform’s launch. Every piece crafted to ensure Algorand’s “Hello World” moment would be clear, cohesive, and compelling.

The team celebrated a successful platform launch, and went on to secure Series A funding in 2022. The company continues to grow and evolve, helping bring sustainable blockchain technology to the world.

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