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Who moved my crystal ball?

Several months ago the legendary Paul Jones asked to lead a panel for the Future Web conference. I wouldn’t know how to tell Paul ‘no’ under any circumstances. And, so, recently I found myself standing before an interested audience in the new Raleigh Convention Center tasked with answering the important question:

What does the future hold for marketing and communications now that the Web has made such a mess of things?

One of the good things about leading a panel is that you don’t have to have the answers, you can leave that up to the panelists. In my case, I was in luck. I was able to convince four excellent pros to join me: Keith Messick with Get Satisfaction, Becky Minervino with McKinney, design strategist Steven Keith and Chris Grams, my business partner at New Kind.

So, what’s the future look like? Is community the new marketing? Will customer-driven innovation drive the creation of strategy? What is symphonic branding? What roles will passion, sex and inflatable gorillas play?

You can find out more here:

A quick thank you to Janna Anderson with Elon University for all her help.

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