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What’s your favorite source of design inspiration in the Triangle?

As you might already know, this is the second year of Hopscotch Design Festival—a two-day festival New Kind is organizing in partnership with Hopscotch Music Festival. The festival is a place to discover the people designing the future. It’s a gathering of designers, thinkers, makers, and storytellers from a variety fields who will come together to share their ideas. 

This year’s event is approaching quickly. It’ll be held September 9th and 10th in multiple locations in downtown Raleigh. And it has us thinking about all the reasons why our region is the perfect place to host a design festival. We have our own reasons, but we’d like to hear yours.

So we’re posing a question:

Feel free to tweet @newkind or share your thoughts on Facebook in addition to filling out the survey above. We’d ultimately like to share what we hear in a future piece.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind