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What’s got your wheels turning in 2015?


Every day is full of to-do’s. Of course, a New Year means new things to accomplish! But when you step back to reflect, what are the recurring themes that cross your mind? What trends do you see in our community and our world? What  inspires you to take action? To build something new? Or to rest?

For our second New Year’s installment, we’re sharing what’s got our wheels turning.


Craft and a newfound appreciation for revitalized traditions. It’s not just about buying hyperlocal, it’s about understanding who’s on the other side of the product and the hands that helped build it. There seems to be a movement happening that bridges this urge for a human quality with technology. I’m eager to see and learn how this can be reflected in not only our approach to problem solving, but as a part of our design solutions.


I’m thinking more about the kinds of things that I can do “to make a difference” in my community. Specifically, what are those things that I can do with my time and my resources to give back to the community?


Despite all the depressing news coming from around the world, I am continually inspired by the people I see who spend every day working to become better versions of themselves. Better writers, better programmers, better leaders, better athletes. People who want to live more fully and be more present. All so that they can provide better outcomes to clients, create systems that work better for our community, and be stronger forces for good in the world.


I’m thinking I’ll stop talking to traffic. They never listen anyway.


More and more about the importance of clear communication and the role it plays in all areas of life. How the design or the idea behind a project hinges on effectively communicating it to ultimately be successful. I think about the power of being an effective decision maker. About how we educate people to have self-confidence and grit. I think a lot about citizenship and civil responsibility. Oh, and how awesome it is we have imaginations!


I am really intrigued by the rapid adaptation of the collective impact/collaboration model within the philanthropic sector. Some nonprofits will tell you that they have been doing it for years, funders will tell you that they want to see it happen more often. People seem to be trying to force the issue if you will, but some entities are trying to find avenues for it to bubble up within the social good sector itself.

Beyond that, I am fascinated by the rapid increase in content businesses and platforms even as the sector becomes more crowded. New Kind played a role in the launch of a new platform focused around education within North Carolina called and I am eager to see how it develops over the next twelve months. Innovation on the state-level is rare and I see opportunities within the sector. EdNC will be an interesting case study and I believe that they will have an impact.

I am also curious to see when the trend of larger and larger budgets going in to digital spending nationally will catch on for companies that are regional or focused on a specific metropolitan area.


How can I fully embrace the year of the sheep?

So, what are you making your life about this year? What are the trends to build upon or to change? Tweet at us @newkind or share your thoughts on Facebook.



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