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How to Thrive in the Social Era

We are operating in the social era, where groups of people can create powerful change. Check out New Kind thinking on how to thrive.

Thank you to the National Council on International Visitors for inviting New Kind to speak at the 2012 NCIV Southern Regional Meeting!

The NCIV and its partners — including representatives from Raleigh’s International Affairs Council, national programming agencies, and the U.S. State Department — are working to strengthen international understanding by hosting exchanges that give people a first-hand look at other people and cultures. This work has never been more important — but just as the world seems to be flattening out, increased competition for time and resources are making it difficult for these organizations to take advantage of new technologies and networks.

These organizations — like all of us — are operating in the social era. This means new challenges for organizations not accustomed to transparency, dialogue, and community engagement. But it also presents great opportunity for groups of people to effect powerful change. In the social era, groups of people can have the most impact when they…

  • use technology to make human connections
  • work together in pursuit of a shared passion
  • increase their impact by amplifying their message
  • work through movements, not bureaucracies

In our presentation today, we offered recommendations for how NCIV and its partners can thrive in the social era. Though the challenges we face today are complex, the steps we can take to make a difference are simple:

+ Work from bold purpose
+ Identify and connect partners
+ Create contagious content
+ Share cultural practices

For more on thriving in the social era, stay tuned for some changes to the New Kind website. In the mean time, you can find our presentation to the National Council on International Visitors here. Thank you again to our hosts, and to everyone who joined us today!

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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind

Get the latest news and insights from New Kind