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David Burney was right when he wrote, “Yesterday’s new kind is not the new kind of today or tomorrow.” For us, a new year ahead means space for new goals. Today we’d like to share what we’re hoping for New Kind, for our community, and for ourselves in 2015.


For New Kind, living up to the “new” part of our name by continuing to uncover some of the most interesting and useful new ideas for how to build brands and communities, and sharing what we learn with our customers and the broader community.


I want to get back on the hosting large community events train. I took a breather for a while after over-hosting and getting burnt out. But! I love the transformative power of curating an experience. SO, I’d like to plan and host events for the New Kind community, build on some of my involvement with Raleigh Food Corridor and Second Saturday. Start a Raleigh Urban Adventure Unit. Continue my role with creative programming for the AIA 14. E Peace Street Building.


I hope New Kind can create new opportunities for people in our community to explore and enhance their creative skills and passions. That they’re able to connect more deeply to their natural creativity. That we can make the business world a little more human.

I hope to help expand the tango community in Raleigh, so that more people know the joy of communicating through dance and of composing movement together.


I’m hoping I’ll eat a salad once in a while, maybe take a walk.


I intend to run at least one half-marathon again this year and I intend to expand on the types of exercise that I undertake. I hope to see the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation begin to grow into what it will become and I am eager to help grow different leaders within the organization who take Jamie’s values forward and work to change our community. I also want to figure out the best way to take my passion for high quality food and experiences and turn it into something that with more of a purpose.


Goals for New Kind: recruiting more smart young folks who want to make a difference in the world around them; for our community, continued growth and prosperity in the Triangle; for me: more discipline in my personal exercise and nutrition regimens.


For New Kind, I want to help enhance our story by thinking more strategically about how we portray ourselves through our work and through our brand. For our community I hope to share our process and teach our New Kind ways–an experience we can also learn from ourselves. And for myself, I have vouched to do side projects that simply make me happy by learning a new skill set with the intent of just having fun.

See anything that resonates here? Do you have goals you’d like to share or build upon? Or any ideas for collaboration? Let us know @newkind.

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