Branding the heart of the modern web

NGINX and New Kind create a cohesive brand platform to solidify NGINX as a leader in the architecture of the modern web—and strengthen an active open source community of developers and IT professionals.


NGINX is the world’s most popular web server and web proxy for high traffic websites—from Airbnb to Netflix to Uber. Its low resource consumption, high performance, and efficiency make it reliable enough to handle huge traffic spikes—while its software-based approach to load balancing and content caching gives developers the freedom to innovate without being constrained by heavy infrastructure.

Industries: Technology

Services: Identity System, Naming, Research, Storytelling

Seeing possibilities

NGINX is growing fast. It currently powers 1 in 3 of the world’s busiest sites and apps. And users also have the option of purchasing NGINX Plus, a fully-supported, commercial version of the open source tool with even more comprehensive application delivery.

So much growth has made it challenging for NGINX to ensure a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. So NGINX teamed up with New Kind to create a unified brand presence that would deepen the relationship with the core NGINX community, while also paving the way for NGINX to expand its reach in the broader enterprise market.

NGINX is continually evolving to meet the needs of the community it serves. We worked with the NGINX team to develop surveys to help us better understand what users value most about NGINX today, and what would be most valuable for them in the future. 

Our findings provided the NGINX team with insights for future product roadmaps,  and influenced our work to evolve the brand’s visual presence and communication strategy.

Choosing pathways

Armed with an understanding of the community’s perceptions and needs, we took inventory of the way the NGINX brand was expressed visually. We identified the NGINX logo, icons, and process graphics as key pieces of their identity to focus on. We also assessed other important touch points to ensure a cohesive experience no matter how users interacted with NGINX.

Why New Kind?

The New Kind team has the kind of strategic capability and ability to execute on it that is required to help build a leading technology brand.

Peter Guagenti

VP, Marketing

Bringing the brand to life

Designing an adaptable brand


We started by refreshing the NGINX logo and creating brand standards as a guide for the future.

We strived to create a color palette and typographic style reflective of the NGINX brand: modern, simple, elegant, professional—yet reflective of their deep technical roots. From there we developed a flexible pattern, founded in the concept of connectivity.


Building new connections


Custom iconography became essential in consistently representing the NGINX story for new and existing users. So we created a comprehensive icon library with a style that supports the idea of an easy and simple integration experience. Our goal was to create an icon system that can easily be made into a narrative to help explain the process of how NGINX works.

As part of our ongoing partnership, we’ve worked with NGINX to to create a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. We’ve helped design and produce data sheets, emails, newsletters and case studies. In preparation for new feature launches we’ve created e-book covers, company presentations, and trade show booths. Each piece helps to expand the brand across new mediums.

Reinforcing value


NGINX Plus is the fully-supported, commercial version of the popular open source tool the brand has always offered. The product gives developers the freedom to innovate without being constrained by infrastructure. Working alongside the NGINX team, we designed campaign elements that powerfully reinforce the value of NGINX Plus, including a landing page, trade show materials, and a video.

The road ahead

NGINX and New Kind continue to work together as partners to plan and design product campaigns that engage the loyal NGINX community of developers. Ongoing work with the NGINX team has led to new discoveries—helping shape a modern and dynamic brand as the tech brand continues to evolve and grow.

Why New Kind?

By working closely with us to identify the perceptions and needs of our community of open source users and our commercial prospects, then marrying that data with the vision we set for the future of our company, we are able to collaboratively develop a brand that effectively positions NGINX for the next stage of our growth.

Peter Guagenti

VP, Marketing

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