Creating unity around strategic brand goals

The Avid Creative Team comes together for a Creative Summit: 2 days at New Kind to map a strategic plan for the future


Top artists across film, music, and broadcast use Avid to create the most-watched media in the world.

From the editors of Gravity and The Hunger Games, to the engineers who mix tracks by Beyonce and Sam Smith, to the broadcasters who cover news around the globe—storytellers choose Avid tools to do their work. We were thrilled to help create a new Avid brand story as the company continues to lead during a time of major transition in the industry.

With a new brand story and strategy in place, the Avid Creative Team was ready to rethink previous practices and reinvent processes. The team is made up of a diverse group of passionate creatives spread out across the country. They work together to bring the Avid brand to life across all touchpoints. In the midst of so much transition, they needed a chance to refocus and reconnect.

Industries: Technology

Services: Company Culture, Leadership

Seeing possibilities

In July 2015, the Avid Creative Team gathered at the New Kind office in Raleigh, NC to clarify their goals for the future of the Avid brand and align around processes for achieving them.

We designed the retreat as a space set apart from business as usual. A place where it was okay not to have all the answers. A time to come together around common goals. We worked to create a fresh sense of adventure and build common ground. Our goal was to band the team together to reach the same summit.

Before the team arrived, we fielded a survey to engage them in the workshop design process—we invited them to share their goals for the Avid brand and their vision of success for the summit.

We used the results to map their most important brand goals.

  • Discover creative ways to evolve the Avid brand
  • Create powerful brand guidelines
  • Map a clear plan for implementation
  • Establish a clear working relationship with partners

Choosing pathways

With the Avid brand goals as a map, we designed two days of activities to help the team gain clarity and alignment around their goals, while becoming closer as a team.

Reviewing research. We kicked off the summit by sharing and discussing the results of the survey. We used key insights and themes to build common ground for our time together.

Brand audit. To better understand Avid’s brand touchpoints from a visual perspective, we conducted an audit of all brand materials—including ads, brochures, web pages, and videos. We talked about what was working, what could be done better, and what should be avoided altogether. Together we reflected on the current state of the brand and how to meet our goals for the future.

Personas. We took a deep dive into exploring the lives of all potential Avid customers to better understand their lifestyle, pain points, hopes, and goals. We mapped customer journeys to specific brand touchpoints where Avid messages reach them.

Brand voice. We facilitated an exercise to help the Avid team decide on a spokesperson they could use to unify the Avid “voice” across the brand—a common challenge for brands with teams of writers across the world. We looked at fictional characters, famous actors, and even people in the room. We explored characters whose voices could inspire the Avid voice.

The road ahead

Next we set our sights on the future. As a group we identified core strategic projects for the future, and developed the team infrastructure to complete those projects.

By the end of our two days together, we made major headway on our goals for the Avid brand, and saw the Avid team deepen their sense of camaraderie with each other. We’re thrilled to see the way the Avid brand continues to evolve as a leader in the media industry.

Why New Kind?

The Creative Summit experience gave our team a renewed sense of excitement about what we can accomplish with the Avid brand. The New Kind team thoughtfully planned each detail of the event, from every strategic exercise to our final meal together. We left feeling closer as a team and with clear direction on our path to achieving our vision.

Kathryn Smith

Senior Manager, Creative | Marketing, Avid