Branding a contemporary art experience

New Kind helps a passionate community with a deep history come together to build a story, purpose, and identity around a new contemporary art museum for the Southeast.


With a renovated old produce warehouse as a future home, and an opening months away, it was time to clearly define who CAM Raleigh is, how it’s different, and why it matters. New Kind began work with the passionate citizens who had stewarded the concept of the museum for over a decade to help bring the idea to fruition.

CAM Raleigh had the opportunity to become a new, urban home for contemporary art and design, as well as a cultural leader. Building on a storied history and passionate stakeholders, the museum would benefit from a consistent purpose, story, and identity.

Industries: Public Sector

Services: Identity System, Storytelling

Seeing possibilities

Throughout the partnership, New Kind and CAM Raleigh stakeholders leveraged online platforms and in-person meetings to co-create all strategy and prototypes. This continuous dialogue helped frame the opportunity and current challenges.

After the research phase, our task was to simplify a winding history and bold vision into a captivating brand position. We worked together to articulate the brand strategy, which flowed into the visual identity project and storytelling.

Choosing pathways

CAM Raleigh was designed to be a non-collecting museum. Some might view not having a permanent collection as a weakness, but the team realized it could be the core strength. A museum not bound to a permanent collection could be constantly changing, constantly creating.

The phrase “Always in Progress” became the brand essence to explain this point of view, and we articulated three guiding principles that became the core philosophy of the museum: freshly made, facing forward, and changing together.

Bringing the story to life

Working with the CAM Raleigh team and extended community, we helped bring the story to life, developing an iconic visual identity and brand voice, a compelling web presence, and other materials that helped introduce the museum to the world.

Why New Kind?

New Kind's philosophy of community-centered design was very important to the museum. They led a complicated process that produced outstanding results. It was a pleasure to work with the firm, and it was very apparent from the start they were very invested in our success.

Raven Manocchio

Chair, CAM Raleigh Advisory Board