Creating an Adaptable Home Fragrance Brand

New Kind and Diamond Candles design a brand strategy and visual system that prepares the brand for growth


Diamond Candles is a home fragrance company dedicated to making amazing products with the perfect fragrance—and exciting experiences that bring people together.

Handmade in Durham, North Carolina, Diamond Candles product lines include the original Ring Candle, and now the new Luxe Ring Candle. Each comes in a variety of fragrances inspired by true sources from around the world. The surprise ring buried in each candle have made their products memorable and helped them build a loyal community around their brand.

With every product they sell, Diamond Candles strives to transform something ordinary into experiences that connect customers with the moments and people they love most.

After great success with their original Ring Candle, the Diamond Candles brand faced a time of transition.

They sought to grow their product offerings beyond the original Ring Candle. Their challenge was to build a brand that could speak to their existing loyal customer base, while also positioning them to reach a new audience and expand into new markets.

We worked with the Diamond Candles team to build a lasting story, create a new visual identity system, and develop a strategy to expand their brand. By the end of our work together, the Diamond Candles team had launched a new line of Luxe candles and felt confident to reach their target audiences for future product launches.

Seeing Possibilities

In order to grow, we needed to understand the elements that made the brand strong.

Our first step was to conduct a brand audit and field surveys to better understand the internal and external community’s perception of the Diamond Candles brand.

We identified key audiences in the data to form personas. We researched the larger competitive landscape of home fragrance companies. And we conducted broad visual research to inspire the new visual direction for the brand.

We hosted a workshop to share all our findings with the Diamond Candles team. Together we did activities to further synthesize the data and position Diamond Candles for the future.

Choosing Pathways

We discovered that whether crafting candles or other products, the Diamond Candles brand delivers four things: excitement, togetherness, scent, and quality.

These four differentiators are valuable to the Diamond Candles community, and are core themes strong enough to carry the brand into the future. By focusing on these elements, Diamond Candles helps their customers create Diamond Moments—unique, memorable moments that bring them closer to the people they love.

Bringing the Brand to Life

We worked together to build off the things the community loves about Diamond Candles.

Laying the Foundation: Brand Story, Positioning, and Messaging

We created a positioning platform and brand story that the Diamond Candles team could use to guide their decisions around content, product strategy, and design.  We also wrote and designed a messaging guide that included: the Diamond Candles brand voice, detailed customer personas and tailored messages for each, and company and product-specific language.

Building the Brand: Visual Identity

Then we created the new Diamond Candles visual identity to reflect the foundational ideas from the story. The new identity system included an updated logo, emblem, brand pattern, typography styles, and color palette. We also worked with the Diamond Candles team to redesign labels and packaging for their original Ring Candles to fit within the new visual system.

Extending the Brand: Product Development

One of the goals established by the Diamond Candles team at the outset of our work together was to reach a new customer demographic with an updated look and new product offerings.  With a strong foundation for the brand in place, we helped Diamond Candles design a new line of Luxe Candles.

The Road Ahead

With a foot firmly planted in their strengths, Diamond Candles is prepared to expand into new home fragrance categories.

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