Tom Rabon

Chairman Emeritus

Great leadership is built, not bought

Tom draws on more than thirty years of experience in the public and private sectors in his role as Chairman at New Kind. He appreciates the relationship between good design and good business, and knows what it takes to achieve success in both.

Throughout his career, Tom has worked extensively with governments around the world to create market opportunities for US companies in emerging markets. Having served in various executive positions at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, he was later recruited to become the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Red Hat. There, he played a key role in building the organization from a little-known startup into a highly successful global technology company. After eight wonderful years at Red Hat, Tom joined New Kind as Chairman and Partner, where he helps guide New Kind’s strategic decision-making and keeps us connected to the business world at large.

Tom received his B.A. from UNC Chapel Hill and completed executive management programs at Harvard University. He has served on various boards in leadership positions, including Chairman of the Board of Trustees of UNC Wilmington and Chairman of the Board of MCNC. At age 24, he was one of the youngest persons ever elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives.  He is also an active investor and advisor in a number of early stage technology companies.

Tom’s curious spirit keeps him busy. On weekends you’re likely to find him scanning the pages of The Wall Street Journal or fishing with his son off the coast of North Carolina.

Why New Kind?

You can’t fly like an eagle if you’re dressed like a turkey.

– Tom Rabon