Voice Workshop (Remote Option)

A master class in communicating with confidence.

Align your team around a clear written company voice.
Create consistency across marketing touchpoints.
Help your team become more persuasive writers.

The New Kind voice workshop is designed to help your team align on the common elements of written brand voice.

We’ll lead your content team through exercises to help them understand and define the personality of your organization. And we’ll provide tips and training on how to write more clearly, powerfully, and persuasively. 

Your writers will gain confidence as stewards of your brand. And will leave equipped with tools to bring your organization’s messages to life.

If you’re faced with:

  • Difficulty having your content stand out in a crowded competitive landscape
  • Lack of unified voice amongst your content creators
  • Non-existent company personality guidelines or guidelines that are hard to apply
  • Uncertainty about how to express your voice across a range of touchpoints
  • Inconsistency in your marketing and sales materials


This workshop can help your team:

  • Understand writing voice and how it impacts your brand
  • Translate your brand voice to the writing they do every day
  • Create the mindset to write in your brand’s voice
  • Begin to define key elements of your brand voice and personality
  • Leverage the power of persuasive writing and poetics
  • Write for brevity and impact

Our approach

During our workshop, we work collaboratively alongside your content creators. Coaching them through exercises that spark discussion and build alignment. Providing an expert perspective to help you develop a brand voice that’s both authentic and actionable.

We offer our voice workshop in both one- and two-session formats, depending on your team structure and specific goals.

One-session Voice Workshop

Our one-session workshop lays the foundation to build teams that communicate with confidence. This half-day workshop includes general voice and writing training for your team, as well as activities to help your content creators begin to establish actionable guidelines your organization can use moving forward.

Activities include:

  • Brief pre-workshop survey to determine the current state of your brand voice
  • Current / future state voice mapping
  • Defining a hypothetical spokesperson who embodies your voice
  • Introduction to the principles of persuasive writing
  • Introduction to the principles of poetics
  • Clarifying your personas
  • Using writing and editing checklists

Two-session Voice Workshop

Our two-session workshop expands on the activities above, diving deeper into the guidelines established during day one. We conduct the second session of the workshop approximately a week after the first. Giving your team the chance to put the principles learned in our first session into practice. Customizing our guidance based on outputs from day one. Practicing and enforcing the brand voice through tactical, hands-on exercises.

Activities include:

  • Written assignment for your team between each half-day session to put ideas into practice
  • Evaluating and workshopping existing writing samples
  • Tailoring voice and writing guidelines based on discussions and decisions during day one
  • Further refining your brand’s voice and personality attributes, with actionable descriptions and implementation best practices

Average timeline

1–2 weeks

We also conduct more intensive company voice development projects. For more information about voice workshops and trainings, get in touch.

Ready to schedule a Voice Workshop for your team? Get in touch.