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A time for invention

At New Kind, what we do is summed up with a pretty simple idea: branding for times of invention.

A startup’s “Hello, world” moment. An industry leader’s pivot in strategy. A company culture changing at scale. We guide innovative, tech-inspired organizations in times like these—building brand and culture through an open, collaborative approach.

But the spirit of “times of invention” doesn’t end with our client work. For us, as an agency, we’re always searching for ways to invent or reinvent ourselves, the work we do, how we do it.

To us, New Kind is more than just a name—it’s a promise to ourselves and the world that we’ll never stop looking for a better way forward. With that in mind, as we kick off what promises to be an incredible year in 2018, we have some exciting news to share.

New Kind is moving to HQ Raleigh Capital Club

In keeping with the spirit of invention, we’re thrilled to announce New Kind will begin 2018 with a new home.

After eight wonderful years in our beloved treehouse on Brooks Avenue, we’re moving downtown to HQ Raleigh’s new Capital Club location on West Martin Street.

The move allows us to operate with more agility as an organization. To be less rooted to one specific address, and instead adopt a new, more mobile, and more flexible approach to what a thriving workplace could be. Positioning ourselves for what promises to be a year of expansion into new and exciting areas of growth—all rooted in a new, more collaborative work environment.

At HQ Raleigh, we’ll be able to extend our reach and impact across a massive campus of creativity and innovation—right at the intersection of Raleigh’s growing design and technology communities. In the middle of it all, where creative collisions—with clients, partners, citizens—happen each and every day.

Imagine taking all the creativity and inspiration we experience during the two days of Hopscotch Design Festival (ahem, tix for 2018 available now) and stretching it year-round. That’s the idea.

Feeding off this energy will help us grow as an agency—to create better work and better serve our clients and the community. Helping us become more efficient. Helping us deliver more value. Pushing us to be better leaders, researchers, designers, facilitators, and storytellers.

HQ Raleigh is an ideal partner for this journey. As a B Corporation, they share our belief in open, collaborative business practices, and share our mission to fill the world with more impactful and socially responsible organizations.

This is just the first in a number of exciting announcements we have to share as 2018 gets underway, so stay tuned.

While our address has changed, our commitment to humanizing tech brands by applying open source principles to the worlds of brand and culture remains as strong as ever. We look forward to helping the next Avid, the next Ansible, or the next NGINX bring their story to life in the way only New Kind can.

We thank you for being a part of our story, now and into this new future we’re creating together.

If you’ve got questions about the move or anything else we’ve got in store for this year, drop us a line at and we’d love to talk.

2018, here we come!

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Get the latest news and insights from New Kind

Get the latest news and insights from New Kind