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Two new ways to measure your brand

If your marketing strategy works as planned, where will your organization be in the next 12 months?

Write that down.




Now, is your brand (and marketing plan) strong enough to get you there?

Is your brand purpose guiding your strategy?

Is your positioning setting you apart?

Is your messaging converting new customers?

Is your logo cool enough to be a laptop sticker?

Is your brand helping you hit your numbers?


When you’re thinking about growth, your brand can be a tool to help you get to the next milestone. The process of working on your brand can also give you clarity about where you’re going, and WHY.     

To help you prepare for the future, it’s helpful to know where your brand stands today.

Brand is notoriously hard to measure. Like your personal reputation, your external brand shifts with the the evolution of your company or open source project, the tides of tech trends, and your customers’ always-evolving perceptions.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one relatively quick and easy way to get a numerical datapoint on how satisfied your customers are.

And while you should definitely track your NPS, you should also know that it doesn’t tell the whole story. As a quantitative measure, it’s not indicative of much beyond customer satisfaction—or more specifically, how likely your customers are to recommend you to someone else. To get the whole story, we recommend a more robust research strategy.

From an internal perspective, your brand is your foundation. It’s who you are and why you exist. It captures your purpose, beyond making money.

Your brand strategy determines how those foundational elements translate into your organization’s personality. In other words, how you look (your logo + visual identity), how you sound (your voice), and even how you act (your company culture).

With all these seemingly intangible elements to keep track of, it’s no wonder your engineers might brush off the word “brand” as vague, esoteric, and straight-up overwhelming to think about.

With the right tools, your brand will come into focus. And with that clarity, you’ll be able to move faster toward your goals.


Here are two ways to measure the strength of open source and SaaS brands that we’ve developed after a decade of working with open source and SaaS companies. So you can assess where you are now—and see how far a strong and strategic brand could take you.

Take This Simple Brand Assessment

This quiz is an easy way to benchmark the strength of your internal brand. It’s a short quiz broken up into four sections:

  • Purpose—why you exist and why your customers should care
  • Positioning Strategy—your competitive markets and differentiators
  • Messaging Strategy—how you articulate and share your story with the world
  • Visual Strategy—how you communicate your brand through a visual system

For each statement, you’ll be asked to rank your brand on a scale of 1 to 5—where 1 is weak and 5 is strong. The statements themselves are designed to give you insight into how, at its strongest, your brand can support your company’s growth.

At the end of each section, you’ll get a score to benchmark where you are today, plus recommendations so you have clarity around what steps to take next.

Take the quiz now.

Investment: Free


The Full Brand Diagnostic 

The Diagnostic gives you a complete and objective understanding of the current state of your internal and external brand—as well as insight into opportunities to grow your market share.

This offering begins with a call with New Kind team members to understand your marketing and growth goals, and to talk through your most important brand materials.

Then, New Kind measures each element of your current brand along four audit criteria, to determine your brand’s strength:

  • Defined—clearly articulated and accessible
  • Aligned—supports all other elements within the brand ecosystem
  • Consistent—expressed regularly throughout all communications
  • Resonant—compelling for target audiences

The final outcome is a PDF presentation of our analysis, including key themes, takeaways, and opportunities. We’ll present these findings in a short call with your team.

Contact us to see if a diagnostic is right for you.

Knowing where you stand is the first step toward reaching your next growth milestone.

Your brand is a powerful tool for inspiring passion among your open source community, for converting new customers, for gaining even more traction in the marketplace.

We want the brand you share with the world to be a powerful reflection of your deepest purpose. And we want you to feel confident using all the elements of your brand to reach your goals over the next 12 months—and beyond.

Still have questions, or got a big brand challenge you’d like to discuss? Learn more about some of our recent projects, and reach out to us here.

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