Helping people and organizations become more creative and impactful

Innovation, creativity, and high performance are all critical for competing in the modern world. Today, organizations demand their people be more adaptive, more collaborative, and more open—without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

Yet most existing operational models are based on outdated paradigms and old kind thinking.

Coaching is a powerful and proven tool for helping people and organizations proactively prepare for and adapt to this age of never-ending change.

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Design a creative environment in your organization that allows your best people to flourish. Tap into your full collaborative potential. We’ll guide you or your team through exercises tailored to achieve your goals.

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What you'll learn

Coaching takeaways


Coaching helps organizational executives navigate the challenges of transforming their organizations and creating more open, collaborative workplaces.

Creative Professionals

Coaching helps creative professionals reexamine their core assumptions, identify new perspectives, and gain the skills to successfully navigate the corporate landscape.


Coaching helps teams adapt by aligning missions, values, and goals to practical action plans.

Why New Kind?

I spent the last few months meeting regularly with David on a coaching journey. David's insightful guidance along the way truly helped guide me from a place of uncertainty in my career decisioning, to a place of clarity on direction. The time spent was a truly positive investment that will pay dividends as I take the next steps in both my career and life.

Meet your guide

David Burney

CEO, Leadership Coach, and Partner

For more than thirty-five years, David has helped build and lead design-driven organizations with a focus on developing creative leaders. Today, David combines his diverse talents, serving as an executive and leadership coach. He helps individuals and teams identify their purpose, create a vision of where they want to go, and develop practical plans for achieving their goals.

David served as the Vice President of Brand Communications + Design at Red Hat, Chief Creative Officer at Capstrat, Owner of Burney Design, and Chief Designer of the NC Museum of Art. He’s a founder of AIGA Raleigh and an AIGA Fellow.

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