Matt Asay, Mozilla and new kinds of competition

I’ve been pointing the design community to Matt Asay’s blog for years. As New Kind proves, I believe there is a substantial overlapping of the open sourcing and design thinking worlds where great things can happen. Matt’s blog is a great resource for designers to understand the culture and competitive advantage of open source. Here’s an excerpt from his latest blog:

Microsoft, of course, has been the biggest winner in 20th-century software, because it has been phenomenally successful in productizing software, making it hard for the company to adapt and embrace software’s 21st-century imperative: subscriptions. But adapt it must if it wants to embrace the Web rather than be bowled over by it.

The same applies to anyone that wants to build a software business in the Internet age. If your revenue depends upon selling packaged software, rather than access to a more fluid process, you might as well fill out your bankruptcy filing along with your articles of incorporation.

Wonder what my old product marketing buddies think of that post?