Thinking Beyond Profits

New Kind helps a visionary insurance company tell the story of how they challenge the traditional way of doing business and prove that a business can be a powerful force for social change.

The Redwoods Group is a b-corporation that approaches insurance as a service opportunity. Its primary focus is to benefit children and families around the country by reducing accidents and abuse in YMCA camps and Jewish community centers (JCCs).

New Kind worked with The Redwoods Group to develop a brand story that communicated its unique purpose and commitment. Then, we helped roll out that brand through design, messaging, and a bold new website with community at its center.

“We understand that, for us, profit is simply a metric of sustainability. For us to matter, we have to use every element of each of our business platforms—especially those insuring transactions—to change the world for the better. Here at Redwoods, we understand we can’t fix everything. But we can fix some things.

As we say here, ‘We can only lead from where we stand. But we must lead.’”

—Kevin Trapani
President and CEO
The Redwoods Group


We started by conducting extensive research and hosting a series of collaborative workshops to help uncover the most authentic story and positioning for the organization. With The Redwoods Group, finding a compelling story to tell wasn’t difficult—this is truly an amazing organization that stands apart from its peers in almost every way.

To articulate this story, we distilled the research down to three simple words that were at the heart of what makes Redwoods different: Love, Serve, and Transform.

These words became the core of the positioning framework for the organization, and provided a foundation for articulating their incredible story.

Working with the Redwoods team, we helped develop ways to make the story come to life for people inside the organization, but also for the community it serves. One key strategy was redesigning their website to reflect the company’s new positioning.

Our goal was to create an online presence that mirrored their passion and commitment, centered around their community. It features data and analysis, and hosts a forum for clients to share their stories and best practices. Strong visual design and powerful language convey the company’s brand story and impact.

“[New Kind is] very intentional about 
wanting to transform the 
organizations they are working with.'” Kevin Trapani
President and CEO - The Redwoods Group
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