Positioning the Future of Scientific Discovery

Associated Universities, Inc. and New Kind unearth the story and strategy for AUI's continued leadership in research management


AUI is committed to furthering human understanding of the universe.

Their team helps design, build, and manage the sophisticated facilities necessary for world-class scientific research and experimentation. For nearly 70 years they have managed facilities and laboratories so large, complex, and costly that they were outside the capabilities of any single university.

The AUI story is one of innovation — with groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy and Nobel Prizes awarded for research in the labs they manage.

Their challenge was to tell their story in a clear way to solidify their reputation as a leader in the field of research management.

Photo Credit: Swinburne Astronomy Productions for SKA Project Development Office


Brand audit

Our first step was to deeply understand AUI’s previous work and the opportunities that lay ahead for the organization. We conducted our own brand research, then we hosted a conversation with leaders on their team where we reviewed AUI materials together. Our goal was to facilitate mutual understanding of the current state of the organization and their goals for the future. 


Story foundation and development

Using the information we collected during the brand audit, we synthesized the core of the new AUI brand story into four key elements. These four foundations emphasize AUI’s historic leadership in their field, and position the organization to achieve its strategic goals. We also worked with the AUI team to streamline their mission statement to reflect their role making forefront science possible.   

During a workshop with the AUI team, we worked together to refine the positioning strategy and key story elements.


Our next step was to bring the AUI story to life on a new website. We worked with the AUI team to ensure all the story elements were reflected in their new online presence.

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“New Kind helped us articulate the story of why our organization exists and explain what we do more clearly and effectively. They have been a valued, strategic partner during an important period in AUI’s recent evolution.'” Peter McEvoy
Vice President Administration, Treasurer
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