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New Kind helps uncover and articulate the core story and mission of a growing pediatric practice in the Sandhills of North Carolina.


In August, 1966, Dr. David Bruton founded Sandhills Pediatrics with his friend from medical school, Dr. William Clark. The first office opened in Southern Pines, NC, and the Sandhills Pediatrics family was born.

Children who grew up with Sandhills now bring their children there. Former Sandhills patients have even joined as staff members.

With a strong positive reputation and loyal community of patients, the challenge was to align all three offices around a shared sense of purpose while also differentiating Sandhills from growing competitors.

We started by conducting research with both the Sandhills Pediatrics staff and with the families of patients. We created surveys and hosted workshops to learn more about what was important to them, what they most valued about the Sandhills experience, and what opportunities they saw for the future. We closely studied the current Sandhills experience to better understand the possibilities for what it could become.

We then shared what we learned with the Sandhills team. We worked together to synthesize this research into a unique story that would unite their communities around a common mission for the future.

We discovered that the core story of Sandhills Pediatrics was about creating healthy, happy families in a healthy, happy community. The Sandhills staff consistently take extra time with each patient, turning medical care into medical caring. Patients and their families see Sandhills as a reliable, compassionate, expert hand to hold. As the practice grows, it continues to seek harmony between quality care and convenience, and they extend their work into the community through service, education, and outreach.

By staying true to these guiding principles, Sandhills achieves its mission every day.


Bringing The Story To Life

We began to make the story real by hosting a session with the Sandhills team to get everyone thinking about their mission and guiding principles. During the session, we collaboratively developed a set of ideas for rolling out the story internally and externally.

We then developed a new visual identity, new website, and brand story video to help share the Sandhills story with patients, their families, and the community. We also created a series of videos for the new website where several Sandhills providers share their expertise about health topics, common questions, and their top tips for patients and their families.

Bringing The Story To Life

“We've always felt there was something unique about Sandhills Pediatrics, but our work with New Kind helped us more clearly articulate what makes us special. With New Kind's assistance, we not only can tell our story better to the world, but we've also begun the process of making it a deeply-held part of our culture.'” Cate Mason
Pediatrician & Partner - Sandhills Pediatrics
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