Building a Durable Brand

DMSi and New Kind build and share a lasting story—of DMSI’s passion for helping customers keep their promises.

DMSi’s software products make building projects run smoothly. Ensuring inventory is accurate, pricing is correct, and that it’s all delivered on time.

What makes DMSi stand out is their thorough understanding of their customers. DMSi is dedicated solely to serving the building materials industry, and they deeply care about their customers’ success. Over the years they’ve created a strong community of customers and partners who trust DMSi to help them run their businesses.

The challenge for DMSi was to build a brand around the strong relationships they form with customers—to share the stories of the people they serve, not just the products they sell.

Phase 1: Research

Our goal was to help DMSi craft a story that communicated the essence of what makes them unique. First, we needed to understand more about their history as a company and their vision for the future.

So we did our research. We learned as much as we could about DMSi’s core products and brand through an audit of their materials. We hosted interviews with key employees, and a facilitated discussion with customers. And we fielded surveys to discover what the company’s internal and external community thought about DMSi today and what they might value in the future.

We positioned the brand around the three ways DMSi helps their customers succeed.

Their passion for the building materials industry gives them a unique ability to anticipate customer needs.

They build authentic relationships—so their customers and partners feel like part of the DMSi family.

Their trusted products and services ensure customers and partners can get the job done right.

Phase 3: Brand rollout

With a clear story in place, we were ready to roll out the DMSi brand to the world. So we worked with their team to update their visual identity in a way that reflected their new story. We refreshed visual elements like the logo, color palette, and photography style. We then helped the DMSi team build a new website where the visual brand and story could come alive.

As part of the brand rollout phase, we also helped design other brand assets including a tradeshow booth, business cards, and landing page templates.

“ We really enjoyed working with the New Kind team and thought they brought a process to life that helped build a concrete story around who we are. Creating the DMSi story document was the best part of the process for us. We constantly reference it to build our campaigns and test our voice. ” Liz Langan - Manager of Marketing and Communications
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