Great brands tell great stories. We are a branding agency that empowers storytellers.

One of the oldest tools we have to share information is also one of the most powerful for building brands. Where facts alone fail, stories are shared.

At New Kind, we help you craft your brand story and help your team grow more confident as storytellers.

Icons Adventure Guide

This New Kind Adventure Guide will give you a set of simple, yet powerful tools to make your messages more memorable. Explore the common elements of a story. Get frameworks and prompts for putting storytelling into practice.

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Icons Storytelling Workshop

We also lead storytelling workshops for teams across every industry. From marketing and sales teams to software support organizations. We design the workshop to give your team the tools to turn facts into emotional stories that are memorable and persuasive.

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Icons Story Development

We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes to craft their brand story. From a tech startup that was acquired for $100 million to companies that stand among the world’s most recognized brands. We guide you through a process that engages both employees and customers, and gives brand champions the tools to bring your story to life.

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A leading media industry brand prepares for a new stage of growth.


Ansible was acquired by Red Hat in 2015 for over $100m.


Creating stability in a fluid world.

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